Cassie T.

Flow-Tech Home MAX Anti-Scale System, Flow-Tech Pure CX Carbon Whole-House Water Filter, in Texas on Jul 15th, 2019

“When moving to my current home, the water heater needed to be replaced and a friend in the plumbing industry mentioned that I might also be interested in the Plumbers Choice suite of products to provide a solution for scale as well as a whole house filter. Both sounded amazing, but I didn't understand how much I would love them until later! I live in a very hard water area and everything is usually caked in scale even with regular cleaning. The anti-scale unit has greatly reduced this build up on shower heads and sinks. However, I mostly love the peace of mind knowing the most valuable asset - my plumbing system - is being actively protected! The whole house filter has removed that city water smell and taste, which by itself has made the whole experience worth it! I am very happy with the service I received as well as the products. Thanks so much!!