Greg C.

Flow-Tech Home MAX Anti-Scale System, in California on Oct 2nd, 2017

“The Flow-Tech Home Anti-scale system I installed in my house has worked so well, I have zero water spots on my glass shower doors and I have not done anything except spray water on them after showering to rinse of splashed soap from them. Over a year of not even a squeegee. Zero cleaning solutions. I am on city water, which is hard as hell. The effluent waste water from the GAC canister is sent to my landscape and the plants drink it up as I save water, so zero waste, no salt. My dishwasher delivers spotless dishes w/o any rinse additive. Wife is happy, I am happy, I do not know about this on well water, but I am confident anyone would be very pleased with the results of the Flow-Tech / Plumbers choice product on city water in their house. After being a licensed contractor for 38 yrs. as a Landscape, irrigation, pool, solar, plumbing contractor I have been to many trade shows and seen many claims. This system is everything the mfgr. claims it to be. "”