Who’s Buying Into Water Treatment?

If your company offers water treatment as an option to your customers, you should be sure you’re familiar with the eco-friendly benefits of your products.  While it is true that anyone on city water has a need for a filtration system, we know only certain customers are going to see enough value in the system to actually buy.  In order to maximize your close rate and not waste anyone’s time, it’s important to be able to identify who that customer is and make sure you are giving them the information they need and want.

First, I will warn you not to pigeon-hole a potential water treatment customer just by assuming they have a big house or a really nice car.  While income is obviously one component of a customer’s ability to make a significantly priced purchase, never underestimate people’s abilities to prioritize their spending based on what’s most important to them.  Better indicators of potential buyers are things like someone who has an interest or has previously purchased an indoor air quality (IAQ) system or someone who pays for bottled water.  Take notice in the home of organic foods or exercise equipment. These are additional cues that a customer cares about their personal well-being and health.  A solar system on the roof is another clue that the homeowners are environmentally conscious or at least see the value in long term ROI.

Once you have observed things that tell you your customer might be interested in a water treatment system, it’s imperative you know the facts surrounding your systems.  Before you ever get to the all daunting statement of price, you want to build a strong case. Show them why your system is not only awesome at what it does, but also provides a real ROI based on long term benefits to the consumer and their home.  To make a valid case, you need to know all of the following factors about the equipment:

  • what does the system do (filter, soften, scale prevention, etc.),
  • how does the system do what it does(media, method, etc.),
  • what does the system require to do its job (energy consumption, water usage, on-going maintenance, etc.),
  • how long will it last (cartridge replacement, media replacement or system replacement),
  • where is it made,
  • what is the warranty and
  • where the system will have an impact inside the home. 

We always recommend taking pictures of areas where the water has already caused damage. Be prepared to explain how that damage occurred and how the system you are recommending will address the problem.  Also, be sure to explain the things they can’t see and how the internal plumbing system is affected. 

Because you know what the system is going to cost the customer, it’s your job to be sure your present a value proposition that outweighs the costs.  It’s a fact that people buy when the features and benefits outweigh the cost.  Some of the factors will be hard costs like the elimination of bottled water. Some of the factors will be less tangible values like taking an active stance to remove impurities and improve their overall health or a significant reduction in environmental impact cost. This includes increased life of water-using appliances and reduced plastic usage.  The value proposition is also where it’s key to know how your product compares to the competition. Factor in things like lower water and energy consumption, zero or low maintenance, and no saltwater discharge in the case of anti-scale systems.  If you do a thorough job of building value, you will overcome the price objection before it ever occurs.

The percentage of people who care about eco-impact is increasing steadily.  If you intend to service your customers to the very best of your ability, it’s your job to be sure you really understand your products and your customers.  That’s the only way you can understand their needs and provide them with the best possible solutions.

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Nicole Ross