About Us

Our mission at Plumber’s Choice Professional Water Solutions is to work with a network of qualified, professional contractors and train them on their local water quality, how to do basic water quality tests, and how to help their customers understand the solutions that are available to them based on their water test results.

When it comes to water quality, what you don’t know could hurt you. While America has made water quality a priority to some extent, water treatment as a whole has been held back by funding, legislation, and the ever evolving influx of new contaminants into source water.”

The partnership with contractors is a logical one as these individuals already service your home. They understand the technical aspects of the installation and are able to offer service check-ups to insure that the systems continue to work properly years down the line.

Our partners are seasoned, professional, and educated in water treatment and analysis. They can perform basic water analysis right in your home and provide you with concise, factual information.

Let’s face it, better quality water with less water waste and reduction in bottled water waste is good for the earth and all of its inhabitants. It’s time we stop looking at water treatment as a luxury and understand the necessity.

At Plumber’s Choice we’ve done just that and we, along with our service partners, see the opportunity to really make a difference.