“Had FlowTech installed but had problems with the way it was connected at first. They came out twice and fixed it. I really appreciate when a company stands behind their product. I highly recommend them, and the FlowTech system. Thank you again!”

in Connecticut on Apr 5th, 2019

“Installed a flow-tech at a Customer's house. I returned 90 days later and had to ask her if she had replaced her fixtures. They all looked new . Her tankless water heater stays descaled. Her faucets stay looking new no more scale buildup on glasses in dishwasher . Top of the line in water conditioning.”

in Missouri on Apr 5th, 2019

“Visible scale gone. Dishwasher clean as can be. Would recommend flow-tech to anyone .”

in Georgia on Apr 5th, 2019

“After installing the flow-tech on my home I noticed a huge difference in water quality. The amount of scale build up inside of my water heater had broken down and was able to flush out the majority of the sediment and hardness inside the unit after 6 months. Fixtures had started to become cleaner with less scale build up. The dishwasher element had become descaled and the glasses were no longer foggy. Loving this product and recommend it for anyone.

in California on Apr 5th, 2019

“Greatest Water Treatment, Descaled all the calcium from my 19 year old home. I cleaning up the old calcium and installed the Flow tech it never came back!”

in Arizona on Apr 5th, 2019

“I have been installing Flow-Tech for quite a few years and have installed hundreds of Flow-Tech descalers and the carbon filters. The Flow-Tech Max is by far the BEST product on the market to deal with hard water and my customers absolutely love it! Maintenance free, no wasted water, green and eco-friendly, no slick slimy feel like a softener. It will significantly increase the life of all water using appliances, specifically the water heater. A tankless will have zero scale buildup on it! On any new water heater, tankless or regular, Flow-Tech is a wonderful thing to add to protect the new unit. It will add YEARS and YEARS to the life of your water heater!! In any hard water city or area, Flow-Tech is a must. It will also protect all the fixtures in the house. No more scale buildup with the Flow-Tech Max!
The whole house carbon filter uses the best carbon on the market and is also the most efficient filter on the market. Clean pure water from every tap in the house! All the water will taste and smell like bottled water. The best solution for a homeowner is to install a Flow-Tech Max anti-scale system to address hard water and a whole house carbon filter, the Flow-Tech Pure, to address all of the harmful contaminants in the water. The best of both worlds! The descaler is great for the plumbing system and the whole house carbon filter is great for you and your family.
The Plumber's Choice family is amazing and they give us incredible support. Thank you David, Nicole and Chris!!”

in Tennessee on Apr 5th, 2019

“We are very pleased with our Flow Tech. It has greatly reduced the amount of detergent we need to do laundry. We have gone from using the suggested cup of detergent to about a teaspoon of detergent. That will save us $$$. We had some questions and Flow Tech quickly and diligently responded to all of our questions. It was one of the best customer service experiences we had with a company.”

in Ohio on Apr 5th, 2019

“I have had Plumber's Choice products for nearly 5 years. The products are fantastic and the customer service is second to none. Thank you!”

in Georgia on Apr 5th, 2019

“I have been in the plumbing industry for 19 years and have been using Plumbers Choice and flow-tech for the last 3 years. We have had an exceptional experience every single time. Specifically with Ashley Gavin. She has trained us on the technical data of how the product works and how to explain it to our customers in a non threatening or sneaky sales person way. This is much different than some of the other reps from similar companies who try to use scare tactics. I recommend Plumbers Choice to everyone and always tell them to ask for Ashley to do their training.

in Arizona on Apr 5th, 2019

“We had a whole-house water filtration system from Plumber's Choice installed four years ago. It made an immediate improvement in the quality of our water. Our city water supply wasn't the best-tasting, but the water from our taps now tastes better than bottled water. It is great knowing that the odor and contaminants are gone, including when showering and doing laundry. Best of all, it is virtually maintenance free, and works constantly, invisibly, in the background.”

in Illinois on Apr 5th, 2019