Plumber’s Choice Water Solutions is great not only because of the products we offer but just as important are the people standing behind those products. Our team is here to help.

David Johnson

Super Fantastic National Trainer and Support Specialist

David is the guy you can always reach if you need something right then, unless he’s on a plane and even then if you can put it in a text he’s on it. David is frequently the face most identified with the Plumber’s Choice and Flow-Tech brands. He is passionate about educating technicians on the ins and outs of water quality and making sure they have the best solutions to offer their customers. He has been in the plumbing industry and water treatment world for over 20 years and loves sharing everything he’s learned with our partner’s technicians. It’s always a “Super Fantastic” day at Plumber’s Choice in David’s world. David enjoys working with the technicians via real world training. He’s always happy to do conference calls with the technician and their customer to answer any questions. This insures the customer gets accurate information and the technician is learning at the same time. As one of the partners in the company, no one is more dedicated to your success.

Nicole Ross

Director of Growth 

Nicole is the person responsible for making sure the day to to is taken care of providing a path forward to continued success. While always looking to expand our network of partners, she is focused on making sure our current and future partners have the tools they need to help educate their customers on the needs and benefits of water treatment. When time allows, she loves to visit our partners’ shops and do a little training. The company has grown a lot over the past 13 years but she still tries to know the name of every partner and works with the team to be sure they are serviced at the very highest level. If there is ever a problem, she is there to make sure it is resolved fully and to everyone’s satisfaction. Nicole enjoys knowing that through Plumber’s Choice and their amazing partners, consumers are getting the quality of water they deserve at a reasonable price with great service.

Mark Meyer

Because Every Team Needs “That Guy”

Mark hails from the Midwest and has many skills including ping pong and corn hole.  He enjoys shoveling snow through the long Milwaukee winters and spending time in airports on long layovers.

Seriously though, Mark brings nearly two decades of vast experience in the Physical Water Treatment world and is a tremendous asset whenever the rare head-scratcher occurs he’s always committed to figuring out the root of the problem and working with the engineers to be sure we have a viable solution.

George Rihovsky

Technical Advisor and Trainer

George is one of the founding partners of Flow-Tech Systems.  He is our technical specialist for the Flow-Tech Anti-scale System.  We’ve yet to encounter a system problem that we could not resolve with George’s support.  You’ll always know when you have George on the phone due to his Swedish accent.  Occasionally, George will do trainings with our partners, especially if they are looking for more information on commercial applications.  He also assists when our customers are installing commercial applications, providing hands-on training and ensuring the system works effectively.  George’s passion for the technology is something we all enjoy.

Lisa Cleary

Fulfillment and Social Media Specialist

Lisa manages all of our accounting. She is the person you call or email with any orders. She makes sure you have the tracking info you need. Lisa even sends out payment reminders so in the crazy busy world we all live in, things don’t just fall through the cracks. She’s been with Plumber’s Choice for years and the company would not be the same without her.It’s the behind the scenes stuff that makes her beyond valuable.

Josh Ross

Training and Support Specialist 

Josh came to work with us after 10 years of owning and operating a home inspection business in Paducah, Kentucky. Prior to that he was in the construction industry for 20 years building everything from golf courses, to log cabins, to light commercial buildings.  Josh provides technicians with trainings as well as technical support while they are on the job. He is passionate about educating the importance of water treatment and loves getting to help technicians solve problems on a daily basis. We are very fortunate to have Josh and all of his expertise on our team.

Ashley Galvin

Business Development for AZ, UT and NV

Ashley, with a degree as a teacher, works with both new and existing partners in her territory to make sure they have the support and training they need and deserve.  She never does the same training twice with a true skill for getting the technicians to participate and intern retain the information presented.  Ashley loves working with what she calls “some of the best people she¹s ever met” to help them improve themselves and offer their customers the service and solutions they deserve.  Her endless energy is contagious and we are fortunate to have her on our team.

Kelly Brandon

Inside Sales Support Specialist

Kelly came to this position with many years of customer service experience. She has a great deal of energy and a passion for working with people. She’s most well known by those outside the office for being in charge of making sure our partners’ techs are rewarded for their efforts.  She also makes sure orders are shipped out in a timely manner and get to where they are going on time (assuming UPS holds up their end of the deal).

Rae Gullett

Business Development for FL, GA, SC, NC 

Meet Rae, our dynamic Business Developer!  With a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, Rae is dedicated to supporting our partners and driving business growth. She is a passionate individual who is eager to help you in any way possible. Rae loves to learn new things and is always looking for ways to keep our partners engaged and informed.  


Matt Judge

Business Development for CA

Matt brings a wealth of experience to our team, with a diverse background in customer service and sales, ranging from million-dollar private jet charters to automotive and software sales. His genuine passion for helping others succeed aligns seamlessly with his commitment to customer satisfaction. Matt’s multifaceted skills and enthusiasm make him a valuable asset, and we’re delighted to have him on board.


Jordan Usrey

Marketing Coordinator

Jordan came to us with extensive training and experience in business marketing and content creation. She’s passionate about exploring new avenues and lending a helping hand whenever needed. With Jordan’s assistance, we can craft and implement marketing campaigns that establish deeper connections with potential partners, while simultaneously providing them with insight into our products.