About Us

Plumber’s Choice has built a model based on education first, followed by providing the best available full range of contractor-only water treatment products. Plumber’s Choice works with managers and technicians to first understand the need for water treatment and then become knowledgeable enough to provide the best solutions for their clients. When we do our job as educators, the technicians become better at their jobs and the customer benefits from getting a complete solution. Partners receive ongoing product and skills training.

Plumber’s Choice helps service providers determine how to select the appropriate products for their markets, taking into consideration chlorine and chloramine issues, the types of residences served, and hard water levels in their areas. They conduct in-person, complete-staff trainings and reinforce learning with ongoing training opportunities such as webinars, information sessions, and follow-up visits. The goal is to make sure that all staff members in trainings understand the needs of their market, the products to address those needs, and how to educate their clients on both.