Contaminants Commonly Filtered with Centaur Carbon

First of all, what exactly is Centaur Carbon? Our Centaur Carbon is a coconut-based catalytic granular activated carbon far superior to standard Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) in its ability to absorb chloramine, the primary disinfectant in most municipalities. Our Flow-Tech Pure CX Carbon Filter uses Centaur Carbon to remove several different contaminants, here is a […]

What’s the difference between Chlorine and Chloramine?

Water can come from all kinds of places – lakes, rivers, wells, mountains, you name it. In order for water to get from where it came from to a homeowner’s tap, chances are that water is traveling through some, well, dirty places. Like, oh, dirt for example. This means that naturally occuring germs need to […]

Does Flow-Tech MAX make water softer?

Technically no. Because soft water is defined as mineral-free water, Flow-Tech does not make yourwater soft. It does however make it feel softer. How’s that? Imagine you have a floorscattered with 1000 individualLegos and you have to walk fromend to end. It’s too painful to eventhink about. Now image that youare able to put those […]

Winter 2022 Water School Graduates

Congratulations to all of our winter 2022 online Water School graduates! If you or your team are interested in becoming Certified Water Treatment Experts, sign-up for our free online Water School: We are confident that completing this course will give you a much stronger understanding on the benefits of Flow-Tech and the importance of […]

March Tech of the Month

Congratulations to Brent Damschen, our March Technician of the Month! Brent is with Mainstream Electric, Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing and has been in the plumbing industry for 3 years, as well as in construction, remodeling and home inspections for over 25 years!Brent says he speaks with as many clients as possible about water softeners and […]

January Tech of the Month

Congratulations to Tom Keane, our January Technician of the Month! Tom is with George Brazil Plumbing and has been in the plumbing industry for just over 12 years! Tom says he finds that customers are most interested in learning about Flow-Tech when he doing home inspections. He is able to go throughout the home and […]

December Tech of the Month

Congratulations to John Bruse, our December Technician of the Month! John is with Monkey Wrench Plumbing in Southern California. John has been in the plumbing industry for six years.He finds that tankless water heater calls or conventional water heater calls have the best opportunities to educate customers on the many benefits of Flow Tech. John overcomes customer […]

October Tech of the Month

Congratulations to Mark Reilly, our October Technician of the Month! Mark is with Yes! Plumbing in Nevada. Mark has been in the plumbing industry since 1988, where he started in England! He moved to the US and continued in the industry in 2008. Mark finds that customers are receptive to hearing about the benefits of […]

September Tech of the Month

Congratulations to Brad Leasure, our September Technician of the Month! Brad is with George Brazil Plumbing. Brad has been in the plumbing industry for 20 years!! Brad finds that his customers are very receptive to wanting to know more about Flow-Tech when he discusses the long term benefits during visits where he is replacing water […]

August Tech of the Month

Congratulations to Dave Rioux, our August Technician of the Month! Dave is with 1 Buckeye Plumbing in Arizona. He has been in the plumbing business for 38 years!! Dave says his most common service calls are for water heaters, water softeners, faucets, tub shower valves, etc. He uses every type of service call to present […]