CS Carbon Whole-House Water Filter

Size Options:

10×54 Tank 1.5 Cubic Feet

  • Up to 4 Bathrooms
  • 18 Gallons per minute peak flow rate

13×54 Tank 2.0 Cubic Feet

  • Up to 6 Bathrooms
  • 22 Gallons per minute peak flow rate

109477 (standard)
109463 (large)

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CS Carbon Whole-House Water Filter

A whole house carbon filters is a convenient, cost efficient way to effectively remove or reduce many of the undesirable chemicals, disinfectant by-products, and organics commonly found in municipal water supplies.

Whole House Carbon CS Filters are designed for household use and ideal for chlorine taste and odor reduction.

For a whole house carbon system to work effectively, it needs to contain the proper type of carbon based on your water’s content. Additionally it needs to be properly sized for the home in which it’s installed. On a properly selected and sized system, you should expect a minimum of five years and likely longer, before the media needs to be replaced. The variance in longevity is based on water consumption levels and the levels of impurities in your water supply. Carbon beds can be re-bedded when the absorption rate of the carbon is exhausted. We recommend having your service provided check your system annually to ensure it is working properly.

“We have had a Flow-Tech Home whole house carbon filter installed since June of 2012. Cheyenne, my lovely wife, has become a raving fan. She tells everyone how great it is to shower in fresh filtered water without worry about all of the contaminants you could be inhaling. I have to admit I love it too.”

in California on Oct 18th, 2017