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Partnering with Plumber‘s Choice Water to Deliver Excellence


At Plumbers Choice, we understand the importance of clean and safe water. Through our partnership with Plumber’s Choice Water, a premier wholesaler of water filtration and anti-scale systems, we are on a mission to improve water quality one home at a time. With the support of reputable service contractors and cutting-edge equipment, we have protected more than 150,000 homeowners to date


Reliable Water Treatment Solutions for Every Home.


We offer a wide range of products including Whole-House Carbon Filters, the Flow-Tech Anti-scale system, and more. The Whole-House Carbon Filter is tailored with the exact carbon best suited for your water, ensuring optimal filtration. The Flow-Tech Anti-scale system is a maintenance-free, salt-free water softener alternative that effectively handles scaling. For those in need of specialized solutions for well water, we have you covered too


Water Treatment Beyond Luxury.


We believe in not just providing water treatment solutions but contributing to a sustainable future. With better quality water, there is less water waste and a reduction in bottled water waste, which is good for the earth and all its inhabitants. It‘s time we understand the necessity of water treatment and seize the opportunity to make a real difference.

Never stop learning with our comprehensive educational resources, including hands-on training, webinars, and in-depth guides to help you stay ahead of the curve.


A Partner You Can Trust


Whether you require assistance with selecting the right water filtration system, need help with installation, or have questions about maintenance, our support team is ready to help. With Plumber’s Choice Water you’re in good hands!




Flow-Tech Home Protecting Homes across the Country

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By partnering with us, you get access to the best equipment, education on water quality issues, and a network of service contractors who know the ins and outs of water treatment. Be a part of a team that installs and maintains the equipment properly and efficiently.


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