One™ Cartridge Filter Tank

Cartridge Options:

  • 3 micron CS Carbon – 150,000 Gallons at 7 GPM
  • 20 micron CS Carbon – 250,000 Gallons at 15 GPM
  • 3 micron CX Carbon – 150,000 Gallons at 7 GPM
One™ Cartridge Filter Tank

The unique ONE™ Cartridge Tank filter system — designed to replace smaller, commonly used cartridge filters — is the ideal solution for the removal of a multitude of particulates. Offered in two different configurations to cover anything from residential to larger commercial applications, these systems can utilize a variety of large capacity cartridges which greatly extend replacement cycle times. Ideal for most water conditions where pre- or post-filtration for particulates is needed.

  • Cartridges specially designed for higher flow rates and higher contaminant retention capacities
  • Wide variety of application-specific cartridges available
  • Easy access to cartridge for service and replacement purposes — no special tools required
  • Optional bottom drain — allows particles to flush from the system and extends cartridge life